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    Matthew Sgherzi, Crypto Expert

    Matthew Sgherzi began his entrepreneurial story by focusing on two things: vision and novelty. This has been the lodestone by which he has guided his career ever since. His academic pursuit in Computer Information Systems, spanning from an Associates of Science to a Bachelors of Science from National University in 2013, laid the groundwork for a career marked by an exceptional ability to navigate and thrive in dynamic professional landscapes.

    The flight path of Matthew’s career now stands as a testament to his pioneering approach. Before delving into the cryptocurrency realm, he successfully managed Amazon FBA private label businesses, showcasing an impressive talent for staying ahead of market trends. Recently, his focus has pivoted to the decentralized world of cryptocurrency, driven by a belief in the life-changing potential for individuals to democratize their wealth outside the archaic world of orthodox banking.


    Outside of his career, Sgherzi is a devoted Christian and a stalwart presence in his local Church. Integrating his IT experience along with a commitment to community well-being, he actively serves and supports philanthropic causes, notably the James Project—an organization providing shelter, education, and retraining for widowed women and orphaned children in Central America.


    Matthew Sgherzi's recent induction into the National Society for Leadership and Success underscores his distinctive approach to both professional and personal fields. His nonconformist philosophy consistently challenges conventional wisdom, guiding him towards roads less traveled. This unique perspective not only defines his entrepreneurial triumphs but also shapes his engagement in diverse pursuits, including over a decade of dedication to weightlifting and meaningful contributions in nonprofit work.

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